Investment Opportunities


The Kingdom is living in an era where the economy is thriving and the nation is reviving. There is an ocean of untapped potential that needs to be explored by local and foreign investors. After launching Vision 2030, the growth of the Saudi market is continuing, which is opening up doors to innovative investments in a sustainable business environment.

The Saudi economic market has gone through dynamic, positive changes. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is becoming an attractive investment destination that provides rich opportunities in various sectors, exceptional resources and market conditions, and pro-business regulations.

Large Economy

The 18th largest economy in the world and the 1st in the Arab world and the Middle East, supported by a stable government system.

Largest Worldwide
Arab world & Middle East

Stable Economic growth

Stable economic growth and geopolitical condition.

Stable Economic growth

Saudi Arabia’s currency (SAR) is stable as it is pegged to USD currency, providing predictability to investors’ investments and profits

Strategic Location

Saudi Arabies is located at the center of three continents which provides up to 10% distribution cost advantage to GAFTA and Arabian Peninsula markets.

Leading Reforms

Saudi Arabia is the first reformer and improver in the world according to the World Bank Group.

Tourism Expansion

Saudi Arabia’s overall number of tourist trips is on course to hit 93.8 million by 2023.

Quality Of Life

Transformation of the quality of life in the Saudi Arabia is stimulating market demand and growing the potential for investment.

29G Member

Saudi Arabia is one of the G20 members and had hosted 2020 summit in November (21-22).

Quality Healthcare

Ranked number 26 worldwide for the quality of the healthcare system, Saudi Arabia enjoys world-class facilities and services.

Financial Investment

Saudi Arabia offers the financial benefit of having no income tax from individuals *.

Record Investment

The tourism sector attracted USD 28.6 billion investment, six times the world average in tourism capital investments.***

Ease Of Access

Visitors from 51 countries are now able to obtain e-visas online in less than 2 hours or upon arrival, making it easier to visit and conduct business in the Kingdom*.

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