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The food and beverage market is growing both globally and locally. This growth will allow Saudi Arabia to expand on its food processing activities in the segments where competitive advantages exist, as well as tackle certain challenges currently faced by food processors in the Kingdom. A focus on dates, dairy, seafood, in addition to positioning Saudi Arabia as a food processing hub, is an essential part of the National Industrial strategy for the Food Processing sector.

Saudi Arabia’s share of the global food sector is 176B SAR (2019), with dairy, meat and poultry being the largest sectors. Saudi Arabia’s overall food market is expected to grow across all segments in the coming years, reaching 250B SAR by 2030 due to a significant amount of dairy, meat, bakery, fruits and confectionery being imported and processed locally.

Dairy Production
Among largest sectors
Meat Hub



176 B

Impact by


83 B GDP

171 K JOBS

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