Our goal is to develop a sustainable and competitive Renewable Energy Industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Main objectives
Develop Manufacturing Capability To support the development of renewable power generation projects by attracting and implementing business opportunities.
Create a Government Lead Ecosystem To support the development of the renewable industry in the Kingdom.
Lead the Development of New Technologies To create a first-mover advantage for the Kingdom in high-growth renewable energy markets.

High-value renewable segments under development by IC


The Kingdom is 6th in the world in solar power potential

KSA second in the ME and 13th globally for wind potential


 Pipeline Renewable Projects

Manufacturing Opportunities


Local Content Strategy

Why invest in KSA

Drivers for investment in the Kingdom


 KSA is a leading G20 economy supported by a stable government system


 KSA Strategic Location offers the advantage of consideration for investors


 KSA offers highly competitive & tailored incentives to investors