Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

The great achievements begin with an idea... and in 1979 the idea of ​​establishing the first company of pharmaceutical industries on the land of our beloved kingdom began... And because ambitions and hopes were immense, the idea ranged between various governmental agencies to choose the most appropriate ways and means to translate this idea into reality and bring it into an existence.

And since the idea of ​​establishing a pharmaceutical industry company was not a usual idea, a ministerial committee was formed, which was the first and the most important building block, which resulted in identifying a record that determined the legal form of the company “to be a Saudi joint stock company with a group of entities participating in its establishment in addition to a percentage offered for public subscription to the public of citizens”. Therefore, AL- Qassim region was selected to be the place and the economic field for establishing the company's plant.

In 1986, the company was officially launched, then articles and memorandum of association were drawn up.

During the following four years, efforts were continuous and accelerating at all levels, as if we were in a race against time, and in 1988, the first manufacturing agreement for a group of products was signed with SmithKline Beckman, and this agreement was the key to production operation that began in 1990, which witnessed the launch of the first production of the plant with 6 Products.

And because the ambition is greater, we did not depend on the euphoria of success. Rather, we set out with greater goals and more comprehensive vision. So, strategic alliances and agreements with major international companies were further evidence that we are on the right path and that the confidence that these companies gave us did not come out of nowhere.

We are still in the year of 1990, which also witnessed the signing of the first contract between the company and the Saudi Ministry of Health, which is counted as a great support that the company have received from the Ministry of Health and it was a reflection of the Ministry of Health’s confidence in the quality of the products produced by the company and its great eagerness to encourage the national industry.

The challenge continues by expanding externally and move to the stage of exporting products to foreign markets, and that was in 1993, when a group of export agreements were signed to some Gulf countries, and Bahrain, the UAE, and Oman were among the first countries to which export was made.

Achievements continue to be followed by another. And the most notable of which, is the company’s plant achievement of the King’s Award for the Ideal Plant in 1994 as the first plant in the field of chemical industries to achieve this award. In 1997, the ISO 9001 certificate was obtained, which was followed by a group of quality certificates. These achievements are only an extension to reaping the fruits of good planning and efforts and the great deals that has accompanied the continuous work since the establishment of the company’s plant to the present time.

In terms of products, the quality of SPIMACO pharmaceutical products and the high confidence in them made a group of them to be listed in the best-selling products in the private drug market over the past ten years, which is something that many competing companies have not been able to achieve.

This was a glimpse of our beginnings and our achievements and how, in a short period of time, we were able to turn the dream into a reality and draw the way for others to improve and advance the pharmaceutical industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and make this industry a field in which we compete at the regional and global level, and to be supportive of the national economy with ambition that embraces the sky and with a determination and persistence that does not Know the impossible.