Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

The foundation stone of Jamjoom pharma was laid on the philosophy of “Think globally, act locally “. To put it simply, the main concept was revolving around to be “learning new technologies, ideas, issues, cultures and events and make use of this knowledge to improve our local capabilities, expertise, Capacities and skills to produce similar sort of outcome.
Today JAMJOOM name is well respected in the region having a history on 70 years in distribution and 20 years in GMP manufacturing
Jamjoom Pharma's commitment reflects in its mission, that is to be Center of Excellence in Health Care providing high quality, safe & effective products to meet regional needs. Jamjoom Pharma is the 4th largest pharmaceutical company in KSA.
Jamjoom Pharma is rated as the 'fastest growing pharmaceutical company' in Saudi Arabia as well as in most of the countries where it operates. Every pack that is exported to more than 30 countries is produced at Jamjoom Pharma's world-class manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia and tested at its state-of-the-art Quality Control Laboratory.


State-of-the-art training center designed and equipped with required audiovisual system, auditorium, training holes, reading room and recreation facilities.
The Academy has full access to Jamjoom Pharma Research and development and quality control lab equipped with latest manufacturing equipment and analytical techniques. In addition, real case simulations for preparing full product dossier for new product.
Jamjoom Pharma has always strived to achieve a high level of efficiency and productivity for its products.
The company has a mission to become the top 3 enterprise and maintain its position as the top ranked Pharma company in Kingdom.
Jamjoom Pharma aims to continue the journey of success, by continuously re-investing in cutting edge, state-of-the-art technologies, systems, people and facilities, to meet world-class quality standards and continue to produce products that meet or exceed the international standards.