Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
Glaxo Saudi Arabia Limited (GSAL)

GSK has a significant historical presence in Saudi Arabia having first started local commercial operations in 1950. GSK was the first multinational pharmaceutical company to have manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia after establishing a joint venture with Banaja group in 1992 under the name of Glaxo Saudi Arabia Limited (GSAL) Since our first production in 1995, GSK has been increasing Its localization constantly in the last years, moving to 96 products currently manufactured in our factory in Jeddah.

GSK launched 6 Innovative products in KSA in the last 5 years and also increased in 2017 its stake in GSAL to 75%. Through this investment, GSK reiterates its commitment to innovation and support the Government’s vision to increase local manufacturing of medical and healthcare products and foster local talent. Currently, GSAL producing 80% of GSK’s pharma sales volume, being 1/3 of It fully manufactured. We do this To help people do more, feel better, live longer.