The Chemicals Cluster strategy is focused on fostering the growth of specific value chains that support the realization of 2030 Kingdom’s vision capitalizing on the advantages of the available natural resources and the qualified national workforce.

Since the late seventies, the petrochemical industry in the Kingdom has been focusing on converting natural gas into petrochemical products with the highest specifications to compete globally. Now, the focus is shifted towards developing further downstream industries through specific value chains taking into consideration the need for replacing the enormous amounts of imported materials, parts and components.
The Chemicals Cluster continues to target developing new value chains in certain sectors such as advanced plastics applications, oil & gas field chemicals, mining chemicals, rubber products, construction chemicals, medical and pharma related products, personal care products, human and animal nutrition additives.
The development of Saudi Arabia’s downstream industry is part of the country’s overall economic diversification program away from hydrocarbons.
The expansion of Saudi Arabia’s downstream industry can be attributed to low domestic energy costs, a ready supply of raw materials and a rapidly increasing population, in addition to the Saudi Government’s commitment to industrial diversification through foreign investment.

With increased investment and technological know-how, the downstream industry in the Kingdom has undergone a major diversification from basic to more sophisticated products.
Through a number of financial incentives and a supportive national policy, the Saudi Government encourages industrial joint ventures or technology licensing to substitute imports and make this industry competitive for export.