The Saudi Arabian construction market is expected to witness significant growth and offer lucrative potential, due to its Vision 2030 and private sector investment boost, and the ongoing reforms are likely to be the growth drivers for the Saudi construction market in 2020 and beyond. Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, along with a significant investment in housing and infrastructure development promoted across the country by local authorities, are revitalizing the construction industry and generating investment opportunities in the building material industrial sector.


The objectives of the Building Material Cluster includes:

  • Creating investment opportunities in the Building Material sector and encouraging and supporting Saudi and foreign investments.
  • Maximizing the economic impact of national resources through taking full advantage of local content, value chain integration and creating sustainable job opportunities for the national workforce.
  • Enhancing competitiveness and innovation through talent development
  • Satisfying the local market demand and increasing exports of high value-added semi-final and final metal products