Pharmaceutical & Biotech
Biologics and Biosimilars

There are many opportunities in Partial engineering, bulk manufacturing and fill & finish of off-patent biological drugs with …

Vaccine Formulation Fill and Finish (FFF)

Localizing vaccines synthesis will create opportunities in formulation, fill & finish of generic/mass vaccines with focus on p…

Sterile Injectables (SI)

With its high consumption rate, sterile injectables like vaccines will generate opportunities in formulation, filling and packagin…

Solid Oral Dosage (SOD)

Formulation and packaging of generic SODs for high volume products, niche/new off-patent products and products with shortages. Po…

Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API)

Active pharmaceuticals ingredients are the chemical entity in the drug that is responsible for treatment of the disease. A drug is…

Plasma Production

Plasma is the clear, straw-color liquid portion of the blood that remains after red blood cells, white blood cells, blood platelet…

Bioequivalence Testing Center

Biological equivalence (BE) is ensuring two products are pharmaceutically equivalent and is typically a service offered by a Contr…


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