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Osamah Al-Mugren
Osamah Al-Mugren

Mr. Osamah Al-Mugren

Vice President, Shared Services

Mr. Osamah Al-Mugren is an experienced professional with 20+ years of business experience in all support services divisions Human Resources, Procurements & Contracts, Legal & Governance, General Services & Admin Communication, PR & Marketing and Information Technology. He holds a Master Degree in Software Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology, USA.

Throughout his successful and professional journey in government and private sectors, Mr. Al-Mugren worked at the Ministry of Interior, Alinma Bank, Riyad Bank and SALIC and has proven outstanding strategic management in his leading roles such as developing organizational initiatives, analyzing support service operational demand and optimizing solutions for corporate growth.

Mr. Al-Mugren joined the Industrial Clusters (IC) in 2019 as a Vice President for the Support Services Division.