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Dr. Raed Al-Swayed
Dr. Raed Al-Swayed

Dr. Raed Al Swayed

Vice President, Pharmaceuticals & Food Processing Industries

Dr. Raed Al Swayed is currently the Vice President of Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology cluster at the National Industrial Cluster Program.

More than 25 years’ experience of increasing scope, authority, challenge and responsibility in Pharma, Biotech and healthcare industry.

With broad and extensive experience in all aspects of Pharmaceuticals & MD Products life cycle and value chain management of local & regional markets multi channels.

Dr. Raed held several senior positions in Multinational and local Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industry with diverse cross-functional experience supporting medication access and health solutions to patients.

Well-developed experience in core & support functions with Six Sigma alignment leadership. Supporting Pharmaceutical industry projects development and enablement.

Dr. Raed held Pharmaceutical science bachelor’s from King Saud University with progressive certification degree from Tulane University, Advanced international finance degree from Oxford Business centre, in addition to several prestigious global awards in Health Care, localization & patient support programs, with extensive active participation in supporting Diversity & Inclusion and social responsibility programs.